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I participated in “Six Apart Tokyo Gathering”.

blog | 2003年11月22日 23:45:01 | あべっち

[This entry is written in English. When my English is wrong, I’m sorry.]

They are Ben Trott and Mena Trott.
I have gone to meet two persons of yearning. They are Ben Trott and Mena Trott. I am a user of Movable Type that they developed. I am thankful to MT and them.

In today’s gathering, I was able to talk with them very frankly. However, I am not good at English. Moreover, I am too nervous. Therefore, I was not able to talk well. Many people helped the conversation between them and me. I am thankful very much.

I talked to them about the mailing list which I am managing. The mailing list is “Mailing List of Enjoying blog”. In the mailing list, there are 318 registration addresses. Ben and Mena seems to have been interested in this.

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